Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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MBC Interview :
Assemblyman David Hadley

By Dr. Moses Lee, October 13, 2016

MBC interviewed an Assemblyman David Hadley in his house at 9 am this morning. Two directors and two professional cameramen were sent and I acted as a compere. The shooting was successful. About one million people will watch the interview on 21st this month.


One-and-a-half years ago, David Hadley was elected a Representative beating a Japanese in the 66th Assembly District (the South Bay), which typically supports the Democratic Party, by the help of the Lord.


He completed Bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College and his Master’s degree at the London School of Economics. He worked at the first and largest investment bank in US for 15 years and then started his own group company, making a profit of 2.2 billion dollars. 


1. He is a man of God. Two of his four children are in praise ministry at a church which has one thousand members. His political objective is to amend the laws of California which are non-biblical and immoral, making it reigned over by Jesus.


2. He has raised the most funds, even though he is a first term lawmaker.


3. His first priority is education.


4. He loves Korean people. He is attending a Korean church service every Sunday. And he takes great pains for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, for the peaceful unification of Korea and for successful life of Korean immigrants living in the South Bay. He is asking for the Japanese government for their misdeeds as well.


I’ve been serving the United States Senators for 23 years, but I can say that I have never met a person as nice and capable as he is. I have him in mind as a future California’s governor; and even more than that.


After the interview, he said in thankfulness and gladness that even though he had edged out his opposing candidate by just 706 votes last time, he would win by a landslide because of Koreans this election. Please keep on praying for him. I hope to be helpful to him as a mentor so as to make him the governor of California.


My desire is that Korean churches in California should expand their vision for the second generation Koreans and that the leadership of Korean people over California and world missions will be more strengthened. I am so glad that the global leadership of Koreans might be promoted faster than expected.


Be prepared to reign over the world with the Gospel!