Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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Dr. Moses’ English strikes LA 

News and Post Report  Oct 6, 2016

328 persons enrolled in the Intensive course for pastors --- 4 classes will be running from 6th.
Dr. Lee, emphasizes “有備治世 : Be prepared to reign over the world with the Gospel” based on the alliance between South Korea and America.

Dr. Moses’ English hit L.A. Korean society.


The Intensive course for pastors was a great success. It was held at the Dae-Heung Presbyterian church, 2nd to 5th last month, in which as many as 328 persons enrolled. Many local media reported that. A participant said, “It’s amazing more than 300 pastors are gathering around. I’ve never seen more than 50 pastors gather around.”


Dr. Moses Lee, the president of World Prayer Summit and the establisher of Kingdomizer Mission Alliance chanted a slogan, “有備治世 : Be prepared to reign over the world”, in connection with this English lecture.

Dr. Lee explained,” Korea became one of the world powers because of President Jung-hee Park’s 有備無患 (Praemonitus, Praemunitus - Forewarned, Forearmed) and now we need “有備治世 : Be prepared to reign over the world with the Gospel" in alliance between South Korea and America.”

On 5th (Fri), California State Delegate David Hadely (the Republicans) came to offer words of encouragement to the pastors, who was awarded appreciation plaque by Jae-gwon Kim, the General President the Federation of Korean Associations, USA and by Young-hyeon Jeon, the Rep. President of Korean Christian Council in America.


During the telephone call with News and Post, Dr. Moses Lee said, “State Delegate David Hadely will join us in launching California Korea Fellowship (CKF)” 


Dr. Lee said, “According to Toynbee, the center of humankind changed from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and then to the Pacific. He said the capital of pacific rim era is LA” and added, “CKF will play a key role in saving forty billions of Asians.”  


Dr. Moses Lee, who finished special lectures for pastors with success will give a lecture for laypersons Aug 6 to Sep 2 at the same place.


There will be Monday and Saturday Intensive Class from 9 to 5 ($300), Day class from 9 to 4 ($500) and Night class from 6 to 10 ($400) Tue through Fri.  


The lecturer, Dr. Moses Wang Lee got a degree of Ph.D. at the Fuller Theological Seminary and served as a systematic theology professor at the Lutheran Theological Seminary.


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