Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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Profile of Dr. Moses Lee

        Academic Background

  • MA in Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary)
  • MA in Missiology (Fuller Theological Seminary)
  • MDiv Equivalent (Fuller Theological Seminary)
  • Th.M. in Theology (Lutheran Theological Seminary)
  • Ph.D. in Inter-Cultural Studies (Fuller Theological Seminary 1994


                         Career In Global Mission

  • President of the World Prayer Summit (WPS) : Fifty thousand pastors of USA belong to WPS. It is 
       one of the crucial organizations for the presidential election with one hundred million membership.
  • International President at Kingdomizer Mission Alliance
  • Leadership Guest Professor of Azusa Pacific University (1993~)
  • Systematic Theology Professor of Lutheran Seminary
  • Chancellor of Kingdomizer Mission Institute
  • President of Cipta Wacana Kristen University in Indonesia
  • Founder of Kingdomizer Church in California
  • Establisher of Kingdomizer Misson Alliance (KMA) in 1995, serving in 45 Nations including US,        
       Korea, Indonesia,   Japan, Philippines, Israel and England
  • Speaker and Coordinator of National Prayer Breakfast (1998~)
  • Main Speaker of PCUSA Missionary Conference (1999)
  • Main Speaker of 'Rwanda Revival Conference for seventy thousand people' with Eu-Whan Kim     
      (Former President of Chongshin University, Korea) in 2000
  • International Vice Chairman of the Christian Council of Korea
  • Hosted Jerusalem Summit AsiaⅡ (2005)
  • President-to-be of American Sports University (San Bernardino)
  • Main Speaker of 'Kenya Revival Conference for One Million' in alliance with Rwanda, Tanzania,
       Uganda and Burundi (October, 2016)
  • Vice President of Georgia Korea Fellowship (GKF): The Economic League between Georgia and
  • Invited to the White House in his capacity as the President of WPS (2015) - Vatican invited Moses 
       Lee to the White House; he had a meeting with Pope Francis and President Obama.
  • KMA has 4,500 churches in 45 nations now

Dr. Moses Lee’s Rwanda Development 2000 to 2010 

1. The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame accepted Korea as a brother nation and visited Korea.

2. Dr. Moses Lee was offered the position of consul general of Rwanda from the Rwanda 

    government and made a speech at the National Assembly of Rwanda.

3. Paul Kagame has practiced three movements - Prayer Movement, Education Movement and New Village      

    Movement - for 10 years, which had made South Korea one of the top 10 developed countries.

4. The former Korean President, Mu-hyun Ro contributed sixty million dollars to the Rwanda


5. KT(Korean Telecom) high-speed internet service was installed through Dr. Moses Lee and ‘One laptop

    to one student’ movement was run.

6. The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame accepted Jesus as his savior

7. Paul Kagame visited the National Prayer Breakfast of USA.

8. Bible Reading in public at the National Prayer Breakfast (Kenya)

9. Communion and Unity 

    - Paul Kagame has forgiven the other tribe that committed genocide, without no retaliation.

    - The half of the Cabinet consists of the enemy tribe.

10. Pro-female policies

    - 54% members of the National Assembly is female. 

11. Ranking first in the Integrity Index of the Governmental Officials in the World

    - Even $10 bribe is not allowed.

12. Rwanda is the biggest gainer, as the eighth most prosperous country in Africa and the lowest

      perceptions of corruption in Africa (CNN Report in 2015)

13. Rwanda rated among the safest countries (DAILY NATION Report in 2015)

14. Dr. Moses Lee predicted Rwanda would dispatch missionaries to Europe 

    - Rwanda Kingdomizer church has dispatched missionaries to all nations in Europe and set up a

       church with 6,000 members in Belgium.