Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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        FAIC, which has three thousands churches,

                        joins hands with Korea

Affiliated with Kingdomizer recently, “We will preach the Gospel together”

An incredible thing happened to KMA (Kingdomizer Mission Alliance) last December, which is led by Koreans such as Dr. Eu-whan Kim (the president of Calvin University) and the Reverend Moses Lee (the senior pastor of Atlanta Jesus Mission Church).

FAIC (Fountain of Faith International Church, the representative : the Bishop David Shamendar) declared that it would work together with Kingdomizer as an affiliated organization.

FAIC, which was established by the Bishop Shamenda and his wife Ruth Shamenda in Zambia, Africa 1984, has repeated growth; now three thousand churches and pastors across several continents belong to it. They are running counseling programs (for drug addiction, matrimonial problems and sexual violence, etc), doing healing ministry; also running Fountain Christian Institute, Miracle Center, Fountain Recovery Center and Shalom Bible College.

However the power of FAIC, which is more important, is its influence over African Christianity and people. FAIC set a precedent to mobilize five hundred thousands of people in the rally in Africa. According to Kingdomizer’s analysis, the size of African FAIC is two hundred thousand.

The Bishop David Shamendar decided to abandon wealth and honor, making a resolution after fasting for twenty one days.

Several denominations in US tried to bring in Bishop Shamendar and Faic, lobbying even with money, but he decided to work under Kingdomizer. It began with the meeting between the Reverend Moses Lee, the vice president of Kingdomizer, and the Bishop David Shamenda of FAIC. The Bishop David Shamenda met the Reverend Moses Lee last year, who had visited Africa as a main speaker of the Revival Rally.

He resolved to work with Kingdomizer in preaching the Gospel after hearing Kingdomizer’s vision and passion from the Reverend Moses Lee. A Japanese missionary’s prophecy of 40 years ago affected his decision to thumb down the proposals of the other denominations that promised wealth and honor. The missionary said to 8-year-old boy, David Shamenda, “You will meet a servant of God from Asia. If you work with him, God will globalize your ministry and set you up as the father of Africa.”

Bishop David Shamenda fasted for twenty one days after meeting the Reverend Moses Lee and became convinced that the meeting had been made in God’s will; he decided to work with Moses Lee.

Besides, 3,000 pastors, who belong to FAIC, also agreed to Bishop David Shamenda’s decision as well. They are showing their expectations about cooperation with Kingdomizer by inscribing ‘Kingdomzer’ on their minister ID cards. 

First collaboration is to set up a University - appealing for support from Christian businessmen.

Bishop David Shamenda is supposed to establish ‘Kingdomizer University’ in Atlanta this year as the first co-work with Kingdomizer. He said, “I hope to call people together who long for God from all over the world and to train them”, speaking his aspiration to make a University as the key position of the global evangelization regardless of nationality and race.

Bishop David Shamenda also appealed for support from Christian businessmen at home and abroad, emphasizing that many human and material resources are necessary to run the University. FAIC, as a Kingdomizer affiliated organization, plans to find a way for mutual cooperation, continuing to do its best in the existing ministry. Kingdomizer expects to make breakthrough especially in Africa mission after bringing FAIC in.  

The first ‘Kingdomizer’ church was established in LA, 1987, which was a multi-ethnic church consisting of 8 ethnic groups. And this was the beginning of Kingdomizer Mission Alliance that was founded on Dec. 28, 1995 in Korea. Now KMA is developing its mission work in 45 countries, with its headquarter in Atlanta, and especially attracted global attention by hosting Jerusalem Summit II, which thousands of political and religious leaders attended for two days, successfully in Korea last year.

Kingdomizer is a newly-coined compound, which means the one who extends the kingdom of God.