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For the glorious country Korea

By Dr. Moses Lee

At midnight, January 11, 2017 in Atlanta

In response to questions about how I look 20 years younger.

This writing is especially dedicated to a vice-chief of Samsung, Ham Jongseon, who gave VIP treatment to me and Commissioner Craig Lesser several months ago, and now is my friend.

I am 58, born in 1958, but the Lord said to me he would make me 20 years younger on my birthday, May 20, 2015.

All I had, such as DNA, generation power of cells, thinking power and adeptness, were changed to those of 37. And I could experience the power of resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said, “You’ve been taking care of sheep (pastoring) for 40 years. But from now on, work for your country and for your people, for which you’ve prayed incessantly for 40 years."

The followings are my prayer and determinations.

I will make Korea, the object of my love and prayer for 40 years,

1. The nation of justice and righteousness,
2. The nation of equality where everyone can succeed, no matter what his/her social rank is or how much money he/she has,
3. The nation we can be proud of as Koreans, wherever we are,
4. The nation where people pay taxes regularly regardless of tax investigation of the National Tax Service, and contribute much more to society,
5. The nation which feed poor North Koreans with rice and meat as well as the grain of heaven, after achieving unification,
6. The nation which devote to the welfare of mankind, blessing other people as a model to follow,
7. The nation of friendship, whose people make a commitment to neighbors and sacrifice their lives for brothers,
8. The nation trying to drive out poverty and disease out of the earth as No1/ No2 economic power,
9. The nation which can teach the true sanctity of life to our younger brother Japan resorting to a sword,
10. The nation which can teach to Chinese people, who only know money and power, that the value of life lies in love and modesty, not in money,
11. The nation which can guide America, ambitious and proud of military power, through the mature idea of 弘益人間 (Benefit the mankind).
12. And I will let the world know that the lofty idea of our ancestors such as 弘益人間 can only be accomplished by the message of the Cross of the Lord Jesus.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

I will keep running for 40 years!

Please pray with me.

Will you join me in this work to make the glorious country Korea?