Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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Good News to Share with You

Greateful We can Breathe

The Gospel of Jesus is about the Reign of God

Testimony - Resurrection Miracle

Resuming Schools in Atlanta

My Earnest Prayer for Korea

God Directs My Steps

To My Fellow Workers

Prayer for Church Leaders

Prayer for Korean Senior Pastors

Prayer for Korean Assiatant Pastors

Pray for Constant Seminars

Invitation to Greek Lecture

Jesus, the bridge over troubled water 

Meditating Psalm 103

Biblical hermeneutics on Philippians

Singing the Song of Dispatch

The Excellence of Hangeul, Korean Alphabet

Climbing up the mountain children

Assemblyman David Hadley

Pray for Trump

Pray for my visit to Korea

Even Dust can turn into a Hero by Prayer
The Greatest Crisis Ever
From Prison to Palace
God, the Director of My Life

God, the Director of My Life II

New Year Message