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History of Kingdomizer


The first ‘Kingdomizer’ church was established in California, 1987. It was a multi-ethnic church consisting of 8 ethnic groups. English was the official language uses at the church. The youth group prayed with all their hearts while supporting the mission fields in many ways, even by saving their lunch money. For a decade Kingdomizer has served missionary works in directly or indirectly all over the world by Divine provision and grace. It has sent many missionaries to previously unreachable nations. In South Korea alone , more than 7,000 theological students, pastors and missionaries were trained through the Kingdomizer Mission Alliance(KMA).


KMA was established on Dec. 28, 1995. KMI (Kingdomizer Mission Institute) was founded in Korea, 1999. It has been called a nursery for good and faithful servants, missionaries and lay ministers. It also provided authentic information and practical materials to the missionaries in the mission field or to missionary candidates.

KMA has not only served 3 seminaries in Korea, Japan, and England and their extensions, but also assumed operations of the Cipta Wacana University located in Malang, Indonesia in 1998 (KMA Indonesia maintains the administrative duties of the University)

KMA has established churches and mission centers in several nations including Korea, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Israel and England. It has many missionary contacts throughout Europe and Africa as well. KMA has prayed for and prepared the establishment of the Atlanta Kingdomizer Bible College & Seminary, which opened its doors in 1996. The KIC continues to pray for and support the school in Atlanta.

June, 1986 - Start of Kingdomizer

When pastor Moses Bang Seok Lee was a professor of the systematic theology in USA, he was given the new name of God called ‘Kingdomizer’ from the Lord during one his lectures.

As a new nation was started by Moses in the new name called ‘Yahweh’, so was a global Kingdom nation by pastor Moses Lee after given the new name ‘Kingdomizer’. 

The first Kingdomizer church was established in L.A. in 1990. Its core value is ‘local church (modality) based mission movement’. The ‘local church based missiology’ was adopted following the example of Moravians who sent off the most percentage of lay missionaries in the Christian history (Moravians sent 10% of all laity abroad as lay missionaries).

Following their principle, the first Kingdomizer church sent 10 missionaries abroad out of its 100 members. L.A Kingdomizer church was a multi-ethnic church using English as the official language, composed of 8 nations (Korea, USA, Japan, China, Vietnam, France, Africa and India). It sent pastor Moses Lee to Korea as a missionary. 

October, 1994 - Coming to Korea 

Pastor Moses Lee gave lectures to 80 professors from Ewha Women’s University on Post Modernism, awakening the epochal mission of Koreans. The mission lectures given by Dr. Moses Lee and his friend missionary Jin Gu Park came to be well known through the testimony of the former Korean president Myung Bak Lee; since then 6 open lectures were given until 1996.  

1995 - Beginning pastors discipline 

He Started seminars for pastors from the Methodist Church at the Kwang-Lim Prayer Mountain and at the So-Mang Retreat Center; knuckling down to pastors discipline.  

28th, December, 1995 – Kingdomizer,  mission movement begun as a layman movement. 

6 layman families and key men including elder Jung Geun Yu(first Kingdomizer president), elder Seon Gi Hong(lawyer), Yang Lim Lee(professor of Ewha Women’s University), and pastor Seong Su Kim started Kingdomizer in Korea. It is significant as a mission movement initiated and led by God. This was the movement started to globalize the Kingdomizer message that has begun as a layman movement. 

January to February, 1996 – Introducing pastor Lee’s English learning methodology 

In Seoul women's University, Moses Lee taught 240 students and its president Gu Young Jung English 16 hours a day as a first director of SWELL(Seoul Women’s English Language License). Pastor Lee’s English learning methodology was introduced by a television program “Running Morning” on KBS and 6 papers carried the story, saying Seoul Women’s University won Ewha Women’s University because of English. All the students who have completed this intensive course were granted licenses and afterwards the methodology had a chance of spreading to all the universities and English academies.  

February 1996 - Kingdomizer open lectures held 

Kingdomizer open lectures were held 10 times in a row. The lecturers consisted of Dr. Shaw, Dr. Gilland, Rev Matthew Welde, Dr. Sung Jong Oh and Dr. Moses Lee besides Jin Gu Park who delivered a special lecture on mission and deacon Myung Bak Lee who delivered a testimony; 550 people attending each mission lecture.

1997 - Opening of Kingdomizer Mission Institute  

1998 - Taking over the Cipta Wacana University located in Malang, Indonesia. 

1999 – Establishing K.M.I. and Jesus Mission Church in Japan 

2000 - Establishing K.M.I in U.K., Cambodia and Laos. 

2001 – Dr. Moses Lee was invited to ‘Rwanda National Evangelization' as a main speaker 

2002 – Dr. Dong-yeon Won established Mongolia International University with K.M.A. 

2004 - The third regular general meeting was held in Atlanta.  

2005 – Jerusalem Summit II in Seoul hosted by K.M.A. 

K.M.A. became one of the main denominations because of Jerusalem Summit II.

Reverend Simeon Mukwiza and his Bible College joined up with K.M.A.

Bishop David Shamenda(International Shalom Denomination) and his 3,000 churches joined up with K.M.A.

Bishop David Shamenda  and Dr. Moses Lee set up Kingdomizer University in Nashville and Atlanta.

The fourth regular general meeting was held. 

2006 - Elected as the President of the World Prayer Summit (WPS) in the United States. Fifty thousand pastors of USA belong to WPS.

It is one of the crucial organizations for the presidential election with one hundred million membership.

2007 - KMA regular general meeting. Having laid hands on 26 pastors.

2008 - Steady growth of Atlanta Jesus Mission Church. Growth of Faith Theological Seminary up to having 100 students.

2009 - Playing a leading role at the Prayer Breakfast, US.

2010 - Inviting the provincial governor Kim, Mun-su to Cedars to have a meeting with 20 Senators.

2011 - Beginning of a mission work in Haiti.

Took over a hospital and running until now. A Haiti church with 3,000 members, elementary and middle schools came into Kingdomizer.

2012 - A mission work in Dominican Republic.

2013 - A revival conference at the new life church in Maryland


- A revival conference at the grace and love church in New Jersy.

- A revival conference at the new life church in Maryland(August)

- Pastoring Korean Union Church in Saigon for 2 month(November, December)


- Invited to the audience with the Pope in the White House in his capacity as the president of WPS(World Prayer Summit). Dr. Moses Lee was one of the three invited among two million pastors in US

- Selected as the President of Faith Theological Seminary

- Visiting Cedars of the Fellowship with the members of Jesus Mission Church

- A Revival Conference at the Catholic church in Maryland(July)

- A Revival Conference at the New Eden church, Korea(October)