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Mentoring Korean Politicians with the Gospel

Pastor Moses Lee arranged the meeting between the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Kim Moon-soo and the Fellowship  -  Chosun Daily, Atlanta (2011.11.30)


A pastor is attracting public attention as a mentor of Korean presidential candidates in connection with US Senator layman prayer movement and with the Fellowship (REP : Douglas Coe)

The person who has been a mentor of the Korean candidates for the past 24 years is a pastor Moses Bang-seok Lee (the senior pastor of Jesus Mission Church).

Pastor Moses Lee, the International Kingdomizer President has made efforts to mentor the next term’s Korean Presidential Candidates, beginning from the former President Dae-jung Kim in 1992 to the President in office Myoung-bak Lee.

Pastor Moses Lee and the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Kim Moon-soo who had visited Washington D.C. last November 14 had a meeting with Douglas Coe at Cedars, the headquarter of the Fellowship, sharing pleasant conversation about the Christian faith and the Korean politics with each other.

The Governor Kim Moon-soo has been visiting Vancouver, Canada in November 11 to 16 at the first onset and then New York, Connecticut, Detroit and L.A.

The Fellowship Foundation, a meeting of the Christian Politicians including Senators and Members of the House of Representatives has been exerting a strong influence on the world politics including that of Korea through the National Prayer Breakfast and networking for the past seventy one years.

Pastor Moses Lee said last November 29, “Now the Fellowships is pointing out five persons as next Korean presidential candidates; one of them is the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Kim Moon-soo” and added, “Douglas Coe mentioned he would invite the Governor Kim to Cedars and do his best to help him, forming love and friendship in Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Lee explained, “I prayed for Kim’s challenge to the presidency through the senior pastor of New Eden church of Korea, Gang-seok So when I visited the church as a speaker last September. Afterwards the Fellowship sent an invitation to the Governor Kim; that made the meeting between the Governor Kim and Douglas Coe come true.”

The Fellowship, founded seventy one years ago from now on holds a regular prayer breakfast centering round Senators and Members of the House of Representatives every Tuesday and Wednesday

The Fellowship’s motto can be expressed as John 13:34 – “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

Pastor Moses Lee said, “The Fellowship is showing great interest in the three next term’s Korean Presidential Candidates; having already sent them Senator’s invitations. I’ll keep trying my best in mentoring the Candidates in Jesus’ name that will lead Korean development,  connected with the Fellowship.”

Pastor Lee has been serving the National Prayer Breakfast for 16 years as a coordinator, dedicating himself to the spiritual guidance of Senators.