Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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Miracles are happening almost everyday

By Dr. Moses Lee

Miracles are happening almost every day. Give glory to the Lord!


1. Since the advertisement went out, more than 50 to 60 persons are enrolling for the course every day. Now it’s over 130 persons in three days! L.A. is a notorious place for its difficulty to call people together in. So is New York. If things go on like this, more than 500 will come.


2. Nearly all media and the press including Joongang Daily, Kookmin Daily and Radio Korea that has the most listeners, and so on are in the state of excitement. English mastering lecture that is absolutely essential to the immigrants and the pastors is hitting an out-of-the-park homer.

3. A Christian University joined up with Kingdomizer yesterday.

4. I will dine with the General President Jae-gwon Kim, Rep of three million Korean-Americans tomorrow.


5. MBC and CBS in Atlanta are asking me to hold the position of its president. MBC told me it would conduct Dr. Moses’ English next time.


6. There’s a meeting with a Korean-American, who owns a TV broadcasting station that fifty million watch every day. He and Trump are firm friends. I need your prayer.


7. A man who was in ministry taking charge of drug department in the US government-affiliated police bureau more than 40 years and is working collaboratively with FBI asked me to take on the drug department of the Eastern States. I said I would pray.


A drug dealer, a gunman, four gangsters surrendered to the gospel of kingdomizer and began to follow Jesus in 1985. That’s how Kingdomizer started to spread throughout the world. I was moved to tears because reforming drug users was one of the core ministries of Kingdomizer. 

Please pray that Satan in control of LA falls like lightening from heaven and goes into the Abyss on this occasion.


Take over LA by the Gospel of the kingdom of God!