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Paradigm Shift : Servant Leadership

Dr. Moses Bang-seok Lee, Guest lecture of Georgia Korea Fellowship


Dr. Moses Lee has suggested "Servant Leadership" as the new paradigm of Korean Leadership, based on Korean educational idea of 弘益人間 (Benefit the mankind).

At the lecture on subject “Paradigm Shift : Servant Leadership”, which was hosted by Georgia Korea Fellowship and conducted by Women's Institute for Negotiation & Leadership (President : Dr. Junhui Joo) and National Development Institute (President : Namchan Lee), Dr. Moses said, “Most countries which are undergoing difficulties have a wrong political leadership and Korea as well”, pointing out that leadership bossiness underlying our society has brought up total national crisis.


He stated new paradigm bringing leadership revolution has to be introduced to overcome leadership bossiness.


He also said Koreans are superior to any other people in the world, who are warm-hearted, knowing how to forgive and how to tolerate; emphasizing that we should bring in “the servant leadership” to rescue the stranded ship, Korea to get over its crisis and to expect new society and new era.

Dr. Moses also pointed out the problems in policy of America, Japan, and China toward Korea.


He was especially concerned about current situation of Korean Peninsula, which is surrounded by great powers that threaten to do whatever is beneficial to their own interests, saying, “It’s difficult to predict the policy of surrounding powers toward Korea, because Japan is dreaming of another colonialization of Korean Peninsula and Trump makes every decision just in a minute in the White House.”


He also said, “Korea should not believe America, Japan, and China. We need the revolutionary servant leadership of 弘益人間 (Benefit the mankind) to stand tall in the world, which will take us to the second largest economic power in 2050”,


Lastly he mentioned that “the servant leadership”, the founding principle of our nation, is revolutionary enough to save the whole humanity, and that our nation would become the No1 country that can benefit the whole world, if we awakened “the servant leadership” which was distorted and lost by numerous troubles both at home and abroad, but are latent in our blood and DNA.


Dr. Moses Bangseok Lee :

Ph.D. in Inter-Cultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary

Professor of systematic theology of Lutheran Theological Seminary

Speaker and Coordinator of National Prayer Breakfast (1998~)

Main Speaker of PCUSA Missionary Conference (1999)

International Vice Chairman of the Christian Council of Korea

Hosted Jerusalem Summit AsiaⅡ(2005)

International President at Kingdomizer Mission Alliance

President of the World Prayer Summit (WPS)

Vice President of Georgia Korea Fellowship (GKF)