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Authentic Word Ministries' Second US Annual Revival Conference       

July 1-3, 2005 Report, by Christine Uwizera

His Vision Our Destiny II - Conducted by Apostle Paul Gitwaza

This was no ordinary meeting! It was beyond the normal, beyond what took place last year. The Lord graced us with salvations, healings, worship that takes one to the throne room, prophecies, signs and wonders, water baptisms, fellowship in one accord, freedom in Jesus, and more…

It was Friday July 1st when the revival conference started! Friday after noon was for many a special time to meet with the Lord. Many brothers and sisters in the Lord came in Elkhart, Indiana - USA from all over the world. There were people from different nations including but not limited to: Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameron, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, United States of America, Europe and more… Regardless of where each one came from, we all had one thing in common: hunger and thirst after God. We all came to seek God. We all came to meet with Jehovah, the Almighty God. Because the strong Presence of God that characterizes meetings led by Apostle Paul, many had been looking forward to this meeting with great anticipation from the year before. Praise the Lord they were not disappointed!

This conference afforded all who came a great time to celebrate the Lord Jesus and press in to know Him more. Typically, the meetings started from 9:30 AM till 10 PM! Because of the strong presence of the Lord in that place, most of us would stay up praying and sharing the wonders of the Lord till the wee hours of the morning. The love of God, the Peace of the Lord Jesus and the communion of the Holy Spirit reigned among the believers and the meetings; the true seekers left these meeting completely changed and renewed in the spirit.

To kick off, Apostle Paul led us into the presence of God through his unique worship. This worship we love, it is very hard to find one like that in the countries where God sent us, but here it was – the most beautiful Kinyarwanda worship ever heard, ever known before. The true worship in spirit and in truth, led by the Holy Spirit Himself. The joy of the Lord flooded our souls. We danced before the Lord in our traditional way and in any way the Holy Spirit led us into. Many of us found ourselves ushered into the presence of God Almighty. There was no rush during these meetings, we were led to worship until God pleases.

After the worship, Apostle Paul welcomed our guests and casted the vision of AWM.

Welcoming our guests

Our guests were from different nations and they included pastors, ministers and believers from the nations mentioned above. Among our honored guests were:
- Bob Deering and Voice Ministries leadership team. Voice Ministries operates a 24x7 House of Prayer in Michiana Indiana.

- Pastor Lee Moses, the Founding-President of the Kingdomizer International Association, a native from South Korea. Brother Moses is a man God has used to bless many nations all over the world. He has started and founded many universities and seminaries. As you will read on, God used him to fulfill one of AWM vision and God’s promises. It was a blessing for us to have Brother Moses among us and many left that place changed because of His testimony and the humility and the fear of the Lord in him.

- Maine worship team led by Omega and Amani: They worked hand in hand with apostle Paul to lead us into the presence of God. 

- Rev Pedro Braconnot , his lovely wife Anya and two children, of the International Church for all Nations, originally from Brazil. We worshiped together and they led consistently led us into the presence of God.

- Rev Mark Baer of The Cross Worship Ministry, an anointed flute and trumpet worshipper.

During this first day of the conference, AWM officially announced its plan to plant the First Zion Temple Celebration Center in America, Atlanta, Georgia, in a 2.5 million facility that was graciously made available by the Kingdomizer International Association. God bless you Moses and the Kingdomizer International Association.

July 2nd, 2005 - Testimony and preaching by Moses Lee

Pastor Moses Lee delivered the "Three fold Blessings" Message in the morning service. Below is a summary of his message:
“When I was two, I had a liver cancer. The Doctor where they took me said I had to live only three months and then die. My father was a Doctor, he tried but failed to heal me. I was taken to Buddhist monks; they looked at me and said I will die because as a baby I was perceived by them to have committed a great sin. Mother begged them to heal but the monks said I had to pay the price”! This is how Moses started His testimony! He added that he was then taken to seven witch doctors but none would be able to help – they all failed, one by one. They all said there was a great demon living inside him.
The scientists failed. The religious failed. All people failed!

One day however, Moses mother prayed to an unknown God and said “Please save my son”. The Imana heard the prayer. God in his great mercy and grace send one of His servants Doctor David Yongi Cho. Dr Cho came over their house and had by then only five members in his church. Doctor Cho said to parents that if they believe in Jesus, He was going to heal their son. Father did not believe in Jesus nor in healing by Jesus but mocked by saying “ if you heal Moses, I will worship you instead”. Doctor Cho reminded him that healing is from Jesus only. Dr Cho and his mother-in-law fasted for eight days and very soon Moses started walking. When taken again to Doctor for check up, he said every cancer was gone, no cancer was found in his body. Father started jumping all over the hospital very happy. Moses’ father became Christian, his mother became pastor over Dr. Cho’s church. After 47 years, Moses is fully alive walking in Divine Health. Jesus gave him new liver.

Moses received Jesus at age eight and spoke in tongues at the same time. From then on, every day Moses would pray for three hours. Growing up, Moses noticed many churches in South Korea being started after the Great War with North Korea. These churches were all started by western missionaries especially from America. Moses became the first pastor in Korea to found a Korean church. He became a man of prayer. In 81, he became a leader of youth ministry. One day during fasting, God said to him to go to America – those Americans people who had sacrificed their lives and died to save and stop the killings in South Korea. Those Americans who had died for many nations. Thousands of Americans died as missionaries in foreign lands, many Americans Doctors died for the country of South Korea. Moses thus moved to America.

It happened that one day Moses went to Rwanda after the killings. The reason Moses went to Rwanda, was to do the same thing the American have done for South Korea. In his upbringing, Moses saw that these American doctors started orphanages, schools, universities, churches etc...and in coming to Rwanda, Moses wanted to do what Americans did for South Koreans after the killings that took the lives of millions there. Preaching, Moses said:
There are three things God cannot do:
1. God cannot lie
2. God cannot deny His holy Character
3. God cannot say something is impossible

Something revolutionizes Moses’ life:
At age of 20, Moses read Galatians 3:9-14 and it changed his whole life. Was it true that Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, that in Christ the blessings of Abraham might come to us, so that we would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith? Moses was surprised and he decided to read again and again this Revealed Word. He reads it in different Bibles, different languages. True it was that Jesus set us free from the bondage of satan and from ourselves. Why did he set us free? And there Moses started a serious study on this Word. The reason Jesus redeemed us was to give us the blessings of Abraham. Abraham’s blessing is mine and yours. Moses then studied a lot on the blessings of Abraham and this is what he has learned: If you kneel down before God, He will bless you forever


1. You will become a great nation
2. Your name will be great
3. Nations will be blessed in you

Moses studied about these blessings and he took these blessings as his inheritance. As He believed this Word Revealed to Him, it became real in his life and for 29 years, God never lied to him. Moses was privileged to meet many nations leader at the White House and in many different nations. Moses met with congress of Israeli in January 2004. The Israel congress opened the door to Christians. They had closed those doors because of what Hitler and other Christians had done. God is preparing the nation of Israel to serve God. Now Rwanda, Korea and America are preparing the way of the Messiah. Moses reminded us to keep praying for Jerusalem.

“This morning I proclaim to you, you shall become a great nation”. Moses said he likes to learn and he has learned for many years and have many degrees but he found out that he never studied Africa. As he was preparing to preach this message today, God spoke to him and Moses wrote down the revelation and he was commanded to preach it in the AWM conference. God said:

1. Africa is the mother of the church, the mother of God: In the book of Exodus, we see the man Moses who was born in Africa and it made him reach. Joseph was made Prime Minister for life in Africa.

2. In the same way children born in US are US citizen, Moses of the Bible was born in Egypt and therefore Moses is African. Joshua is African. Africa is a foundation of missionaries! Two millions came to Canaan the promise land from Africa!

3. Jeremiah received Revelation about the reconstruction and restoration of Jerusalem. This revelation was given to him while he was in Africa.

4. In the book of Hosea 11:1, God said “…out of Egypt, I called my Son”. He said He will bring a Messiah from Africa (Jesus).

5. When faced with killings by Herod, God did not send Jesus to Belgium, to Europe, Asia but He sent Him to Africa. Jesus fled to Africa. Africa is a protection, a refuge of our salvation. Our forefathers came from Africa. St. Augustine was from Africa. Africa is a mother of the church, a mother of God, of a foundation of the church. From Africa came the explanation of the trinity, three men from Africa helped to explain the mystery of the trinity..

6. America civilization was done by Africans, the slave - black Americans – Reverend Martin Luther King set free Americans from hatred.

7. Americans are blessed by Africans

8. Africa: mother of the people.

- One day Moses was looking at the map of Africa and then Rwanda. As he looked, he saw Rwanda, a small country that looks like an eye. Rwanda is the eye of Africa, of Asia – light of the world. God told him to bring millions, billions of money and invest in Rwanda. It was revealed to Moses by God that Rwanda will become the country number one in Africa in the year of 2020.

- There are thousands of hills in Rwanda. On top of each hill, they will build an altar to sacrifice to God

- Abraham was blessed by God ten times. There were times when there were famines, times when he gave His wife to other men. He studied the word about this curses… why did this happen. He found answer, it was because of LOT. God commanded him to leave the country, to leave father’s house. If you obey God, you will be blessed. Disobedience causes curses.

When you read Genesis 12,13,15; you find that Moses never obeyed fully and he had curses because of this Lot. Who is Lot? The Lot never settles an altar to the Lord. The Lot Have no personal relationship with God. The Lot might be Christian who has no personal relationship with God. Lot is our old self… old self desires, earthily things; the Holy Spirit and Lot fight one another. Never carry Lot with you. The Holy Spirit has come to set us free from self, from Lot. If one carries a Lot in them, there will be
1. Famine (famine)
2. Family break down
3. Source of course
4. Fighting

Moses studied the blessings of Abraham but also the curses. Why was he cursed? After finding the four sources of curses, Abraham moved out. From partial obedience to full obedience, blessings followed. Partial obedience means partial blessings. In winter 1976, God showed himself to Moses. God said I have answered all your prayers. From now on, seek God first and His kingdom, His righteousness and all things will follow you Moses.

Abraham built an altar for God. Wherever he went, he built an altar. An altar is a source of blessings. Korea was the poorest country in the world. For 40 years, they will pray and cry to God for salvation, blessings, and revivals. Now Korea is the 10th richest country in the whole world.

Rwanda and Korea have many things in common. They both went through genocide. South Korea lost 5 millions people slaughtered by North Korea. Rwanda lost about 1 million people. There is a Korean proverb which says “A widow can understand the suffering of another widow”. Korea understands the suffering of Rwanda. Time has come for Korean to stand and serve Rwanda. Please accept us as your brother country. The tears of Rwandese are petroleum, diamond, silver and gold. God showed Moses thousands of Rwanda missionaries. God said I will send Rwandese all over the world.

Apostle Bob & Voice Ministries Team

Apostle Bob Deering and His team ministered with His team in worship, preaching and in the prophetic. Apostle Bob’s love towards those in Diaspora is genuine and of God. Bob reminded us all that God is calling and is going to use many of us to take nations, to prepare the way of the Lord. That it is not only in giving a testimony but that we will reign and rule with Christ. Apostle Bob made this conference possible, the gathering were held at the Voice Ministries Forerunner Center. Many people who came lodged at His prayer center. When one is at Voice Ministries, they feel at home. Many of us stayed at the Voice International House of Prayer. It was a great blessings for us.

The prophecy, healing, signs, wonders and the supernatural

Saturday morning our meeting started 9 am. The worship led by Apostle Paul drew us deep in the holy of the holies. It was such a beautiful worship, a holy moment that it was hard to break off to go for break. A dear brother who was told to step up and let people know it was the break time and pray for the meal did not know what to do! He started of saying “ I must tell you the truth… I think I need to apologize first to the Holy Spirit.” Because we had to take a break for lunch. The presence of God was so real and so heavy. 

There was preaching by Bob Deering, Apostle Paul and almost non-stop worship music. The teaching by Apostle Paul was so strong; not only with much power but much love for gracious words were falling from his lips. Deep revelations that caused many to walk in their freedom was given to Him by the Holy Spirit. In all the message preached by Paul, He talked about the Groom and Bride. That it was time for the bride to get to know her Groom. Before Jesus comes, apostles are going to be sent throughout the nations from different continents, like forerunners and proclaim that the time has come.

“Go into the city, and a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him; and wherever he enters, say to the own of the house ‘The teacher says, “where is my guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples.’ And He himself will show you a large upper room furnished and ready; prepare for us there.” The disciples went out and came to the city, and found it just as He had told them; and they prepared the Passover.”

The apostles are rising up from every continent. They are sent, they are being commissioned by the Master. The man carrying the pitcher is a picture of the Holy Spirit. The true apostle will not follow the leading of any man but of the Holy Spirit. They will follow the Holy Spirit and they are looking for a furnished upper room where the King will meet His bride.”

This message as preached by Apostle Paul and other message are very anointed and such a great revelation from the Holy Spirit. If you want to receive the cd or tapes, please contact Leonald Uwiringiyimana at

Saturday afternoon and evening it was a prophetic night. A night of healing, signs and wonders. Many people were healed from different diseases: heart problems, bareness and many different sickness. Saturday and Sunday afternoon, baptismal took place by Apostle Paul. Many were baptized in the deep waters.

Ordination Ceremony

Leonard & Francine Uwiringiyimana ordained as Pastor of Zion Temple Georgia, USA

Leonard and Francine have been faithfully serving with Apostle Paul in the ministry since 2002. They were ordained last year as ministers and Leonard was appointed as the President of AWM USA and its International Coordinator. After serving the Lord so faithfully, they have been appointed to oversee the work of God in Georgia and serve as Senior Pastors of Zion Temple Church in GA where AWM is moving its headquarters. They will work together with Brother Moses under Apostle Paul.

The meeting ended Sunday evening. It was hard to part but we were comforted knowing that no matter where we are, we can be one and together in spirit. God has a plan and a purpose for those in Diaspora. Zion Temple GA will officially open its doors during the Thanksgiving Holiday week-end (November 24, 2005). We will send you updates and we hope to see many of your there with us.