Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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The Fellowship and Cedars, the headquarter
                                                                                       - by Dr. Moses Lee

Cedars is the headquarter of the Fellowship where top leaders of America and of the world are being made disciples with the Word of Jesus to make the Kingdom of God come; Cedars is ruling the world!

It was one of the Presidential residences; the Fellowship has been using it as its headquarter after making a purchasing.  

The Presidents and the Prime Ministers of other countries are provided accommodations here when visiting America. The former Korean President Myoungbak Lee, whom I've started to make him a disciple of Jesus 22years ago as a mentor, stayed here several days with the First Lady.  This was where a provincial governor of Korea, Munsu Kim was received as well when accompanied by me.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Senators and the House of Commons gather together to pray for their private matters, homes, country and for the world; they love each other in Jesus’ name, laying down their parties and politics.

23 years ago, the Senators here said U.N. was a small shop and they were ruling the whole world. I just thought they were arrogant and exaggerating. But as years go by I came to know U.N is a puppet controlled by American leadership and Japanese money, having consistent internal strife.

Since I came to know the Fellowship is literally moving and ruling America and the world, I’ve seen and experienced how great my adoptive father, Richard Halverson and Douglas Coe are, who used to be a manager and now the leader of the Fellowship.

I’ve been serving this organization for 23 years as an adoptive son of the Reverend Richard Halverson, who was in charge of Senators and the second president of Fellowship.


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