Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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The whole world belongs to Korea!

By Dr. Moses Lee                                                                                                                                                         

At the LA airport/ Jan 7, 2017

I am not the left, nor the right.
I'm not progressive, nor conservative.
I'm a nationalist.
I belong to Jesus party, to the Holy Spirit fraction.

According to the 19th century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, there are three types of lives which a person can lead: the aesthetic life, the ethical life, and the religious life.

1. The aesthetic life: 1st step (Instinctive)

Freud’s Hedonism
Hegel’s Academicism
Adam Smith’s Capitalism
Karl Marx’s Utopia through class struggle
Darwin’s social evolutionary law of the jungle

2. The ethical life : 2nd step

Kant’s Categorical Imperative
Bentham’s Utilitarianism
Hobbes’ Social Contract Theory

3. The religious life: the highest type of life

The suffering life of the Cross, surrendering to God

I. A wretched life like that of an animal of Hegel and Marx

Most people stay and die at the 1st step. Hegel saw the development of human history as evolution and progress through struggle. He preferred Socrates to Jesus, though he was a pastor. (Phenomenology)

Thesis-> Anti-Thesis-> Synthesis
He has an unstable structure of philosophy of Heraclitus, which achieves the development of human history through struggles. It’s not too much to say that Hegel is the origin of the left and the right. I regard Marxism, the left Hegelian thought, as the wickedest philosophy which destroyed the mankind.

II, III Moral life, Divine life adjacent to heaven : Koreanism

What our ancestors were thinking of was the universal truth of mankind centered on life, 9,000 years before Hegel and Marx was talking nonsense,

  1. 弘益人間 (To devote to the welfare of mankind)
  2. 濟世理化 (To save and enlighten the world)
  3. 自利利他 (To benefit oneself and others)

This Koreanism, the wisdom of our ancestors, is unprecedented in human history.

My desire is to accomplish 弘益人間, the philosophy of Dongi tribe by the message of the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only the one who takes his own cross can live a life of suffering, devoting to the mankind and embracing both the left and the right.

Why do we Koreans, the people with ten thousand history, need to dance to someone else's tune such as playing house of Hegel and Marx?

We are the one who should go forward to reign over the world, making a circle with yin and yang of Taegeukgi, the Korean flag.

Korea will be the No 1 country in 2050.
  1. Prophecy of king Cheoljong of Joseon Dynasty
  2. Goldman Sachs’ announcement
  3. Dr. Moses’ prophecy

We are the race to lead and to benefit the whole world as heavenly people.

Stop the fight between us, be united between the east and the west, between the north and the south, and let’s go forward to conquer the world for the shining glory of our nation.

弘益人間 (Benefit the mankind)
世界宣敎 (Missionize the word)
統一韓國 (Unified Korea)

Take over Manchuria!
Take over China!
Take over Tibet!
Take over Mongolia!
Take over Turkey!

Conquer and reign over the old territory of Korea, extending 7,856 km from the south to the north, 19,636 km from the east to the west.

Rise Up Korea!

Today for Korea
Tomorrow for Asia
The day after tomorrow for the world

All things are yours!
The world is yours! (Corinthians1 3:21-23)

“The LORD said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, "Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever.” (Genesis13:14-15)

To my eyes, the world is the kingdom of God.
To my eyes, the world is the land of Korea.

Let’s cover the world with the Cross and with the Korean flag.

The world belongs to Dongi tribe! (Corinthian1 3:21~23)

Rise up Korea! (Isaiah 60:1 - 2).
Fill the earth and subdue it! (Genesis 1:28)

有備治世 (Be prepared to reign over the world!)

The whole world belongs to Korea!