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Bible translation to save
1.7 billion people

Kingdomizer will set out to translate the Bible into Arabic and publish it. This work will be progressed by Dr. Daniel Shaw, who can confer in Bible translation uniquely, and by a missionary; they will work together as a Kingdomizer Translation Society.   

The number of the languages into which the Bible is translated is not more than one thousand, among five thousand of the whole world. Kingdomizer will strive to translate the Bible into the languages, in which it has not been translated yet. Actually, new version of translation is needed for new generation after translated as well, because the languages are constantly changing.


We are trying to preserve endangered languages, because all the languages came from God as a gift. As written in the Book of Revelation, a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and every language will praise the Lord. But many of them have been disappearing in the course of modernization, industrialization and colonization.  The Kingdomizer Bible Translation Society will be leading this ministry.


One of the biggest reason Muslims are not evangelized for the past 1,400 years is that the Bible was not translated into their languages properly. Now Kingdomizer can start this ministry, which can save 1.7 billion of people.  


The following is my testimony to how it started.


Last Saturday, I visited a pastor, who is white, to treat him to lunch; he used to be an assistant pastor of the former church I was in charge of. At that time, I had no car for three days. So he wanted to sell a used car for 1,500 dollars, which can be sold for 4,000 to 5,000. But I didn’t have that money and had to worry about how to go to church on Sunday.  


Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit told me to take the car on credit first, saying the pastor would give it, for he is close to me. I told him as the Holy Spirit taught me to and then drove home! It cannot happen that a white person sells his car on credit. I could join the Sunday morning service by my car.


Our church had no Sunday evening service before; we had only morning and afternoon service. My pastoral theology was that Sunday is the Sabbath, when we take a rest listening to the word of God. After empowered in the rest, I thought, we can win the victory during the whole week. That’s why I didn’t have the Sunday evening service.   


But the Holy Spirit told me to join the evening service. I was lying on bed exhausted; it was five fifty p.m. I just thought , “I’ve never attended evening service, Lord.” But I sprang up from the bed and went to church, because I obey the Lord no matter what He speaks to me. It was the missionary who delivered God’s message during the evening service, instead of the senior pastor. 


The moment I saw him, the Holy Spirit said to me, “I gave him to Kingdomizer.” At first, he was very wary of me, keeping his distance from me. Afterwards, I came to know he has always displayed vigilance, when meeting someone for the first time. The first meeting ended in without progress. I said to myself, “Nothing happened, though the Lord told me to go.” 


But after one hour, his wife called me to have breakfast together the next day. I got to know she was a friend of my former professors. That's how the wonderful ministry to save 1.7 billion people has begun, led by the Holy Spirit. No any other denominations were able to do this ministry. But now Kingdomizer is doing the work! 

The missionary published the Book of Matthew to Acts two years ago, and finished translating the other books, up to the Revelation, several days ago. He has been doing the work, in secret and in confidence, for the past 40 years until now; he will face the threat to his own safety if disclosed to the public. The missionary said what he has been doing is like laying turtle eggs and runing away. He hadned over what he has done for 40 years to Kingdomizer.


And the Holy Spirit told me to deliver the message of thanks to Nayoung Ha, who helped me to buy the used car, that the splendid achievement to save 1.7 billion people was made after 1,400 years thanks to her help. What she did was just to obey the Holy Spirit, but it was she who opened the passageway to supply money to buy the car.  


I could also buy the car in obedience to the Holy Spirit. And the miracle happened when I went to church obeying the Holy Spirit, even though I was lying down on bed exhausted. We did nothing but obeyed, however God has done the great miracle! 


The Kingdomizer Bible translation ministry was made possible because a theologian and a missionary have worked and translated for forty years; eighty years in total has been gifted to us. They even gave me the exclusive right to publish. Now Kingdomizer is about to make a small step for the 1.7 billion, so that they can follow Jesus!