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Unification or Genocide?

There are 4 to 7 million North Korean sympathizers inside our country; they are so called home-grown communists. South Korea is facing many problems because of them. What they are saying is that Korean peninsula was divided along the 38th parallel by the U.S. and Soviet Union and that the unification under communism can be permissible so long as US leaves South Korea.

After a war is over, the defeated nation has to be divided in half like Germany was divided into East and West; the east for the Soviet Union and the west for the U.S. Likewise when Japan was defeated at the Second World War, the Korean Peninsula was to be occupied by the Soviet Union but Japan by the U.S. Everything is recorded in the historical document. In other words, the whole Korean Peninsula originally belonged to the Soviet Union.

But Truman, the President of the U.S. stole the land. The pro-North Korean forces will be flabbergasted to know that. That’s why the U.S armed forces could fix the 38th parallel in Korea. Truman took the South Korea from Starlin! Before outbreak of the Korean war, Il-sung Kim went to Starlin and said, ”Let’s go get South Korea back whose land was stolen ” calling him a big brother not a comrade. Now we can live a free life because Truman has stolen the South Korea by fixing the 38th parallel. If not, we have to serve Jung-eun Kim as god under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Union until now.

The North Korean sympathizers are saying that the Korean War was a unification war. But if so, only the soldiers had to be killed; the other citizens need to be left to provide labors. But the Korean War was just for genocide, not for unification. Il-sung Kim also said to Starlin, “Let’s push twenty or thirty million South Koreans out of the Busan City into the sea!”, and then the Korean War broke out!

Without the intervention of U.S. forces, we are all dead. During the war, fifty thousand were injured or died and five million died.

The unification the communists are insisting on can be summarized as follows.

1. It’s a unification war.

2. The U.S. and the Soviet Union have fixed the 38th parallel.

3. The North and South Korea will be unified so long as the U.S. leaves our country.

That’s just bullshit!

The library of US Congress owns all the document about Korean War. The Havard University library owns six million books and the library of U.S. Congress, the largest one in the world, ten million. It is necessary for us to persuade the communists in South Korea for the unification. It’s not the U.S. but the Soviet Union and Il-sung Kim that have done wrong. They are the ones to blame.

The land of North Korea currently belongs to the South because the North Korea is an illegal group according to the Constitution of the Republic of Korea. We have to restore the land. It belongs to us! It’s enough if we kill several communists in North Korea. And then we can set free our Northern Brothers.

History is not a novel. The North Korean sympathizers are writing a novel now. But if having accurate records, history can be written. Our problem is the communists in the South Korea; the North is nothing. The communists in our country have to be destroyed. It is ‘unification’ that we are talking about. What they are saying is 'genocide'; it’s not even ‘unification under communism’ what they are insisting on now.   

Il-sung Kim killed all the members of Southern Labor Party he’d taken advantage of. That’s how the Communists do. Once North and South Korea are unified the way they want, they will kill all pro-North Korean forces inside our country first and then get to work.  

The Unification of North and South Korea should be done on the basis of accurate historical records.