Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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The Ministries of Kingdomizer Mission Alliance

Expansion of the Kingdom of God (The Gospel of the Kingdom of God)

 The Gospel which was given to us was about ‘the Kingdom of God’. ‘Kingdom of God’ means the reign of God and is the powerful Gospel to introduce Jesus Christ to all nations by the integrated and cooperated mission.

Our mission is also to equip the multi-million submitted Christian soldiers in the world to expand the kingdom of God and have every country and every nation should bow at the name of Jesus, therefore, bring peace and make shalom by the reformation of each individual and the society.



World Mission and Jewish Convert by Koreans (Jerusalem Summit)

 KMA and the KCAC(Knesset Christian Allies Caucus) which is mainly comprised of the Knesset members(assemblymen) of Israel sponsored and held the ‘Jerusalem Summit Asia II’. It made an epoch in the history of world mission.

We are now running from Seoul to Jerusalem to reach the goal of conversion of Israel.


Christian Networks Around the World (Christian United Nations)


Rev. Paul Gwitaza of Rwanda who is leading Zion Temple comprised of about 200,000 joined the KMA in 2004. Rev. Simeon Mukwiza(Restoration Church) and his Bible College(18,000 students) joined KMA in 2005. Bishop Shamenda also joined KMA with 3,000 churches(Shalom international) in Southern Africa. The new wave movement is dynamically arousing.

Furthermore, we plan to unite Christianity spiritually in the world, and constitute ‘Christianity UN’ for build its headquarter in Jerusalem.




Serving the National Leaders and Ministries(World Prayer Summit)


Rev. Moses Lee had served the politicians of USA with the word of God and prayer in National Prayer Breakfast meeting of USA in Washington as a prayer coordinator. Furthermore, he was designated the chairman of the World Prayer Summit succeeding Rev. Ray Bringham in 2006. Fifty thousand pastors of USA belong to WPS. It is one of the crucial organizations for the presidential election with one hundred million membership.

Kingdomizer mission strategy is saving the leaders of each country and the nation to expand the Kingdom of God.

“Believe in Jesus Christ, and you and your household will be saved.”(Acts 16:31)




Establishing Universities(Kingdomizer Mission University)


KMA took over Cipta Wacana Christian University in Indonesia, in 1998 and operates it. KMA also has been training the true servants of God in Japan, England, Cambodia, Laos, etc. by establishing theological seminaries.

Rev. Moses Lee and Bishop Shamenda are getting ready to establish Kingdomizer Christian University as a center for world mission in Atlanta, Georgia to educate and train the servants of God. About 7 thousands of students are ready to be admitted.




Indigenous Missions Abroad (Kingdomizer World Mission)


Kingdomizer continuously has been striving for domestic and foreign missions since its establishment. It helps the job training school and the theological seminary of Canaan Nusantara(Missionary Choon S. Yang) in Indonesia and Mongolia International University(Missionary Kyu S. Lee).

Closely cooperating with Fuller Theological Seminary(Dr. Gilliland & Dr. Shaw), US Center for World Mission(Rev. Matthew Welde) and Bournemouth International Church(Missionary Doo H. Han) in England, etc., KMA also has been playing a leading role in the world mission.

Kingdomizer National Development

Kingdomizer carries out the National development project.

Rwanda development was completed 2000 to 2010, which leveled up Rwanda from one of the poorest countries in the world to the seventh most prosperous country in Africa. Now Bolivia is under the national development.

Kingdomizer has been developing 12 countries and making them allied with Israel. The twelve stars seen in the Book of Revelation chapter 12 don’t mean twelve tribes of Israel.

Rabbis interpret them as twelve nations, not as twelve tribes of Israel. They say Israel has thirteen tribes because of the tribe of Manasseh that had been divided in half : one in the east, the other west.


For reference, Tutsi, the ruling tribe of Rwanda is Jews that came from Ethiopia, who were born to Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Fifty thousand people having Solomon’s DNA were immigrated to Israel. The name of the immigration program is Solomon.

Now fifty thousand immigrants are living in the city Ariel, the old name of Jerusalem


Jews are coming back to Jerusalem from all over the world and it is the accomplishment of Jeremiah Chapter 23 verse 7 to 8. Not the Lord who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt but the Lord who brought the descendants of Israel out of all the countries! The fame of the Lord grew as the Lord of all nations. He is not just the Lord of Egypt any more.


Kingdomizer is developing 12 allied nations of Israel : now Bolivia after Rwanda.

Three million among eight million three hundred thousand in Bolivia are using ‘Garimto’, the archaic word of Dongi tribe. Bolivian language cannot be written in Spanish or English; it can be written only in ‘Garimto’. Kingdomizer is developing Bolivia because it is Dongi tribe like Korea.


Likewise Kingdomizer is making 12 allied nations of Israel because Israel is one of Dongi tribes as well; thus achieving the Book of Revelation.


Kngdomizer is one of the tribes who is not only interpreting the Bible but also achieving it.

Kingdomizer has already succeeded in developing Rwanda and now working for Bolivia.  

Once twelve allied nations of Israel are to be made, chapter12 of Revelation will have been making progress.