Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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What is Kingdomizer?

A “Kingdomizer” is “One who extends the kingdom of God.”

(Matthew 24:14)

The Holy Trinity is the Kingdomizer. It is also who acknowledge Jesus not only as their personal savior but also their king. They extend the kingdom of God to all the nations by totally submitting their lives to Jesus the Great Kingdomizer (ICor. 3:9)

Kingdomizer Mission Alliance Declaration

This is our vision of what we are to become: a community of faith serving

           God, the Lord our King, the Kingdomizer who has been leading and guiding all

           our lives, and living through truth and devotion as a kingdomizer.

                 Our heads filled with Logos (The Word and The Truth),

                 Our hearts burning with Agape (Love),

                 Our hands abundant with Zedeka (Righteousness and Support)

                 Our feet towards Kadesh(Holiness)

with these we are practicing His life.

 4 Core Values of Kingdomizer

1. Deep Spirituality

To have a deep and personal devotion for God; It means an intimate fellowship in the Spirit by prayer, fasting, worship and the Word of God. It also means the transformation of ourselves into Christ – likeness. The ‘unity with Christ’ is our goal.


2. Intellectual Development

It means to acknowledge that our God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Therefore we acknowledge the importance of academic disciplines, and the integration of multi-disciplinary disciplines.

Most of all, we strive to equip the ability to read Scripture to other in their own language and culture.

In consequence, we will always be ready to proclaim Christ and His glorious Gospel at all times in all situations. 

3. Holy Life

It means to allow the life of Christ work mightily in us and through us. As a result, we become like Jesus: the Saints.


4. Transformation of Society

These virtues and values should result in the reformation of the society in which we live. The conventional segregation between individual devotion and intellectual pursuit is to be rejected. Spirituality, intellectual capacity and saint-like living are what is required to represent the holy character of Christ and to influence and impact the society as a whole.