Be prapared to reign over the world with the Gospel!          

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Korean pastor Bang Seok Lee, appointed as the President of WPS, which is moving America

I will make WPS play a role of spiritual UN in the world in the future.”


The Reverend Bang Seok Lee, the international vice-president of KMA, was appointed as the president of WPS (World Prayer Summit). It’s not usual for Korean pastor to be the president of the organization, of which American white pastors are mainstream.

WPS, which was founded in 1982, is a large organization consisting of about fifty thousand white pastors in the whole United States, including influential pastors like Billy Graham, Pat Roberson (the founder and chairman of CBN), Richard Halverson (former Chaplain of the United States Senate), Jack Hayford (senior pastor of The Church On The Way).

However the bigger reason this organization is attracting attention is that it can influence U.S. politics through sixty million evangelicals and eighty million Catholics of America. Actually the assessment was made that behind Bush’s election, there was the power of U.S. evangelicals, who officially supported candidate Bush, running the fast prayer campaign last U.S. presidential election

▲ The Reverend Bangseok Lee

The Reverend Ray Bringham, the founder and president of WPS, who has been looking for his successor for the last three years in prayer, encountered the Reverend Bang Seok Lee. Afterwards pastor Bringham came to be convinced of God’s will to select him as a new president and decided to let his presidency succeeded.

The inauguration is supposed to be held in May, but pastor Ray Bringham officially laid hands on pastor Bang Seok Lee already for hand over.

The Reverend Bang Seok Lee has a plan to further WPS as an international organization true to its name, which is limited in U.S. yet. He said “I will make WPS play a role of spiritual UN in the world hereafter.”, adding “The whole world will come into the reign of God through this organization.”

Pastor Lee has a plan to establish the headquarter of WPS in the Mount of Olives and to discuss world peace and the progress of Christianity with a political leader and a Christian leader dispatched from each country

Meanwhile, an association will be formed to support that ministry of Pastor Lee’s. Kindomizer Mission Alliance will hold a starting ceremony to form a supporters' association for pastor Lee’s ministry at the Crystal hall of Seoul Educational Culture Center, 6 pm, 28th.